SMMR 21: The Travel Edition

So this review is on A Street Cat named Bob. I recently watched this film on a long haul flight and I’m not really sure why. It’s not the normal sort of thing I would go in for but I was confused and/or tired. This film is about a cat and it’s owner. It is a sort of redemption tale I guess with Bob helping the owner. It should be an enjoyable, happy film but dear fricking god it is dull. Like really, really boring. The cat wore a scarf sometimes which some people may find cute but personally I think that it is just stupid. If cats needed scarves they would have learnt to knit in the wild. They haven’t, therefore they don’t. I can’t quite remember what I ate during this film but it would have included Haribo which I like and a plus is that I got a bigger travel edition Haribo bag from Smiths at the Airport*.

SMMR Score: -70/3  

*Please Note: other jellied sweets and retailers are available


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