TRR 2: Propellers of Doom

Tuesday Afternoon Random Review!! Well I know it’s not Saturday and I don’t want SMMR fans to get too excited thinking there is one of the rare mid week reviews….but I am going to do a review! It was going to be a movie review but for reasons I will explain in a mo it isn’t. Today I am branching out and I’m going to review my recent trip from Düsseldorf to London with the purple plane people… Flybe. Now this is my fourth time in their stupid propeller plane and it is getting better (the first time myself and everyone else on board thought it was going to plummet from the sky in a death ball of flames. It didn’t so that was a plus). Back to this flight. It has been pretty uncomfortable as the chap next to me has taken up a lot of my space with his unnecessary leg spreading so I think he should probably give me some money. I could have moved but I want to be near the front as in the event of a water landing the rear doors don’t open. ( They don’t tell you this when they are up in the middle waving at the exits and wearing a lifejacket, you have to read the plastic card) Anyway the film was going to be The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas but it wasn’t about an autistic boy going on a bus which is what I had thought. That is a different film. I felt a little uncomfortable with all the flags and saluting whilst in the departure lounge so I abandoned it.  I had no snacks but I did make it in one piece

TRR Score: 6.9/59


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