SMMR 22: The Bootleg

So another review to do even though it’s not Saturday but as I am sat in a mostly empty flat I thought I would do one as I am a bit bored.  This review is on the 1994 ‘classic’ Interview with the Vampire. Interesting side note – I always thought it was called Interview with a Vampire. It’s not, so there you go – you learn something fascinating every day. Anyway back to the showing – another in-flight movie with BA. I was quite surprised by this movie as in my memory it was ok, even those crazy noodles at IMDB gave it 7.6/10 (although their scoring is utterly baffling). The film was so grainy it seem BA had purchased a dodgy VHS from some market stall. I’m sure it can’t have been that bad quality originally but this was just terrible. Whilst the quality was bad, the acting was truly crap. I know they are meant to be dead but they (big time actors Brad Pitt & Tom Cruise) act like they have woken up after being hit in the head and are just remembering how to speak. It is immensely annoying. The snacks for this were standard BA fare as in the last review. In a break from the norm I am going to include snacks eaten just before writing this review as that has changed things a bit. I had 5 giant buttons. I would have had more but I am making risotto for the first time in an hour and I don’t want to ruin my appetite. I was disappointed by the film but I am quite excited about the upcoming risotto making so the score will be…

SMMR Score: 5/32


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  1. Look. I can reply on here! Another quality review. I would have avoided this film had your review come out nearer the films release date…


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