TRR 3: Bal games

Ah another TRR (Tuesday Random Review) – the third in the series. Now I know the T is usually for Tuesday but as I am still sat in my empty flat I am making it Thursday too. I can do that. I have the power. So today’s TRR  is going to be on the wonder that is BAL grout mix. Ma & Pa were kind enough to bring some round today as I had 2 wobbly tiles. Now before I go on you should know that whilst I could be called a DIY enthusiast I am not very good and this was my first time grouting. It being my first groutathon I decided that as I am a trail blazer, I would not read the instructions and go ahead with instinct and my two tiles. It went swimmingly. It really did. I was pleased. Then I made a slight error in judgement and decided that as some of the grout was looking a bit gross I would go ahead and clean it up with a new covering. I ploded forward with it my mix falling off as I was putting it on. Here is where I decided to Google if I was doing it right. I was not. Firstly you need a bunch of tools apparently and gloves and a mask?! Seemed a bit excessive, I had been left, along with BAL mix, a Lurpak tub and and old Magnum ice cream stick. I assumed this was the standard kit. It is not. A bit of jiggery-pokery with the mix and I was off again but after fixing the worst of the tiles it made everything look real bad. So now I am regrouting the whole kitchen. No snacks we consumed as I don’t think that would have been wise. I’m not sure if I should use the hob yet so I will skip dinner and have a sandwich after I get the mix off the chopping board. Overall view on BAL mix is that it is good but possibly in the hands of a master craftsman it could be quite splendid.

TRR Score: 17/26

Stay tuned for the next TRR on Dow Cornering silicone sealant


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