SMMR 23: The Snail Hammer

Today’s review is here to cheer your undoubtedly dull Monday! So this weekend I watched four movies this weekend, I’ll save two to be reviewed later. As there were two films about hit and runs – I’ll start with those. The first was The Judge and the second was Reasonable Doubt. So movie number 1 – The Judge – starring the handsome devils Robert Downey Jr and Billy Bob Thornton. This movie was pretty slow, not a dying snail pace but perhaps a severely injured snail who goes on to make a full recovery pace. I only stayed awake through the whole thing because I’d had a 2 hour nap at 11am. The movie is ok but there isn’t really anything gripping. Snacks were half a bag of kettle chips. The second movie was Reasonable Doubt with Samuel L. Jackson and some chap with a fancy hair cut. This movie was slightly faster but involved a hammer and I don’t really like films with hammers in them. It also didn’t have much to do with Reasonable Doubt which was annoying. I had dinner which was Chinese food (chow mein again) and that was nice and also free for me! I am going to combine this weeks score and go for a slow hammering score…

SMMR Score: 14/42


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