SMMR 24: The Awkward Silence

Hello and welcome back to another review! I am going to do something a little different this time and review a series so be prepared for installments! The next review will be on the Amazon show: American Gods. For those of you who haven’t seen it advertised it stars the fantastic Mr Lovejoy and Calvin from Hollyoaks and the dancing. Now this show is based on some Neil Gaiman books so you can expect it to be a bit odd. If, like me, NG is a bit much for you – based on the first episode I have seen you can still watch it but it is not the sort of thing you can watch with a hangover or one eye open. Another important thing to note….my fellow watcher was my good buddy’s other half Mr W, who is also a bit of a part time worker so can watch TV in the afternoons too. And finally to the review of S1 Ep1! The opening 5 minutes were a bit brutal, I mean they didn’t hold back there at all. Good way to start I thought. Correct number of dead people. Then you get a bit of Calvin with his muscles out which is nice and his American accent isn’t too bad really. Then there is this horrendously awkward rudey nudey bit. And I mean like what the hell is going on here type of awkward. I did not know where to look. Lovejoy (he wasn’t in the rude bit) has been pretty good so far as always. No snacks were consumed during the episode but I had half a glass of orange and pineapple juice which I think should be outlawed. In fact, I think all pineapples should be erased from the face of the planet. They add nothing to mankind. I hate pineapple. This episode will get an introductory score of:

SMMR Score: 8/36.3


4 thoughts on “SMMR 24: The Awkward Silence

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  1. Hi Claudette
    I’m a big SMMR fan –
    Long time reader, first time commenter!
    How do I get to become a part time worker so that I can watch television in the afternoon? Also, I like pineapple 🍍 – Does this mean I have to unsubscribe from your blog??
    Your thoughts and advice would be much appreciated.


    1. Thanks for you questions Murray from Fiddlewood. Now for the first question I suggest all you need to do is just leave work at around 12:30 every day and that should leave you free for telly watching. On point 2 – I think I have made my feeling on pineapple clear. It is currently your right to like pineapple. When I am in charge that will change.


  2. Dear SMMR,
    Thank you for your response, I’m honoured that you would take time out of your schedule to contact me.
    I fear if I just leave work at 12:30 every day, I will lose my job. Perhaps when you are in charge, you could give me a morning job, to combat this? I will pretend I don’t like pineapple 🍍. I am also very good at data admin and I turn up almost every day.
    Could you provide me a likely timescale for this as I have to give three months notice.

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    1. Dear Murray,
      I’m not sure of what governmental position would fit a pineapple fan. And If it came out in the media it could potentially ruin my leadership.
      Wishing you all the best with your future endeavours.


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