SMMR 25: The Spoon

This is the first review to come fresh from my new location in Düsseldorf! Which is exciting but the new location has held up the reviews for a while, more on that in a mo. So it has been 17 days since I watched episode 1 of American Gods so this review is a little late. I should explain that is not entirely my fault as I am having great issue with amazon prime – which sucks.

So here we go – American Gods episode 2 – This episode is a bit slow – not much happens really, couple of things bothered me so I am going – as ever – put in a spoiler alert. SPOILER

Firstly Calvin managed to pack up his entire house in half a day. This is 100% unbelievable. A s I have just moved – I can vouch for the fact it takes roughly 3-6months from start to finish. I am sure there are people who can do it quicker but I am going to say 2 months tops. Otherwise you’d need some kind of team of 40 people. This episode is getting marked down for that glaring error. Secondly I am getting a bit annoyed with Calvin’s lack of excitement at anything, he was especially gloomy in this episode even at the end 🙂

Snacks for this one include a row of Milka chocolate, thats a lie  I had 2 rows but it had been in the fridge and tasted a bit like fridge chocolate which as we all know – is not the best.

SMMR Score: 6/22

Side note – I am unsure whether I am really ready to commit to reviewing a series as I feel I have made a rash decision – I probably should have watched the whole thing then reviewed it but nevermind.

In a bonus review I recently watched the entire first season of House of Cards – I don’t have much to review on it.  Everyone is mean and Kevin Spacey has a Southern American accent which now I am writing it I’m not sure if he hasn’t always had that accent – it seemed kind of fake on the show. SMMR Score – 13/57


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