SMMR 27: The best film of all time?

Metal Tornado

Now I don’t want to over hype this movie but I think this could be the best film of all time. Screened on movies 4 men it may have been missed by a lot of people but I suggest buying it on dvd. With graphics possible made in MS paint you’d be forgiven for thinking this movie was made in the 90’s however the 2011 classic is really worth a watch. Highlights include a man wearing a pink bow tie with red shirt and several people narrowly avoiding death by chainsaw, pitchforks and hose pipe. Only two deaths despite that fact the spinning vortex looked fairly deadly (not literally mind you on screen it looked a bit crap) a low point would be that I waited the whole movie for award winner Lou Diamond Philips to say “It’s a metal tornado!”. He never did. (Side note – he did not win any awards for this film even though I think he was overlooked)
Snacks include dinner – chow mein, spring rolls and chips. Notable mention should go to Murray for buying the Chinese. This film was so brilliant that I am not even going to mark it down when I got curry sauce in my eye.

SMMR Score: 76/60


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